Left to right, standing behind Joe and Jeane:
Retta Harris, Dr. Lawrence Harris,Paul Hoffman, *Unknown

* The fellow in the light suit was a last minute stand-in because Joe's best friend was called out on a flight. He didn't come to the reception, so no one got his name.

Margret Jeane Stoeckel left this world peacefully on Sunday, January 29, 2006 after a lengthy illness.  Following her service with the United States Air Force, she spent 25 years as a dedicated teacher of the first grade. She had a penchant for travel and a strong desire to discover our world.  In those pursuits, she touched the lives of many people all over the world, young and old alike.

Jeane celebrated life itself, and did so in great style. A friend once told me that obituaries typically list the year of birth and the year of death.  But the real sum of our lives lies in "the dash" that separates those years.  Jeane was born into this world on April 19, 1927, and passed from it on January 29, 2006.  She spent her dash exceptionally well, living life with zest and grace, and showing heartfelt kindness toward others.

We will miss her warm, adventurous spirit.  And we are grateful for the multitude of gifts she bestowed upon us, some of the most cherished of which are the many precious memories that are now entrusted to our care.

Jeane, may God give you the wings that you so deserve, and endless, beautiful heavens to soar in. Without the limitations you knew here, may you finally fly free.