Ellen recalls:

When Elseth and Jeane were little everyone referred to them as 'The Gold Dust Twins'.  Mom said it was because
they had exactly the opposite hair coloring, but did everything together. 

Jeane's birthday was April 19th and Elseth's was April 21st. Since they were born one year apart, on the 20th of every
year they became the "same age" for one day.  One year when they were quite small Aunt Lucille gave them new
dresses for their birthday.  She was coming to the house for dinner, so Mom bathed the girls, dressed them in their
new dresses and told them to stay clean.  When it came time for dinner no one could find them.  After searching for
awhile, they were discovered in the cellar... where they had painted themselves from head to toe in black enamel

Jeane recalls:

Elseth was always good at thinking up things to do and I usually carried them out!  Once we went into the basement
(never used as such) of the foundation of the green house, and were there for hours before we were rescued.  The
floor of the place was already built.  It had rained... and we were one muddy mess!

Lois was at the Blacksmith Shop one morning waiting for the school janitor to walk the children to school, as was the custom in those days.  Dad drove up in his truck on his way to work and stopped at the stop sign. Lois yelled at him, asking where he was taking the kids..... (referring to Elseth and Jeane, who were just toddlers at the time.)  Dad looked back into the truck bed and didn't see anything.  Lois yelled that they were sitting on the running board! 

He was badly shaken up realizing how tragic this little "trip" could have been had Lois not spotted the girls.  He took them home, dropped them off by the garage and told them to go tell their mother what they had done.  Of course they didn't tell her anything.  When he came home, he told Mom that he had spanked them.  Jeane says, "Of course, he didn't, but Elseth and I kept mum on that one!"